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10 Reasons You Should Try the Macro Diet – Stay Fit Mom


A few weeks ago one of our clients, Marianna, hosted a Super Bowl party. While we give our clients the autonomy to decide when taking non-tracking days is worth it and when it is not, Marianna decided that she was going to stick to her game plan and track her macros at the party. She even brought out her food scale. The guests at her party were shocked and some seemed almost offended as she calculated which items to input into her macros. “What are you doing?” “How in the world does this crazy diet work?” “Is it really practical to weigh and measure every little thing you eat?” That week Marianna weighed in at an all-time low. Since starting our nutrition program she’s lost 40 pounds and has no intention of slowing down. This woman has her eyes on the prize and she’s not letting anything or any opinion stop her! But the truth of the matter is we get responses, similar to the people at Marianna’s Super Bowl party, all the time and they’re not unreasonable questions. They are the same questions we asked before we started tracking our own macros! While I’d love to preach my macro sermon […]

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