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12 Minute At Home Workout – Stay Fit Mom


Life has been moving way too quickly. Between the video floating around Facebook this week and Mother’s Day I could just cry. Everyday I look at my baby and tell myself she’s growing way too quickly. Between work, cooking, cleaning, unpacking, projects around the house, and trying to squeeze a workout in I’m pooped. I have just over 3 more weeks of work before summer vacation when I can squeeze and hold my babies all day long. Maybe then time will slow down just a little bit. I can’t take much credit for our new garage gym. My husband and I have been dreaming about how we would design our gym once we bought a home again for a couple of years. This is the first time we have built a permanent gym so my husband put quite a bit of thought into it. It’s still not finished, but here’s a sneak peak. Weekly Workout: 1 Min. x Max Repetitions of Push-ups 1 Min. x Max Repetitions of Hand Release Push-ups 1 Min. x Max Hollow Hold 1 Min. x Max Repetitions of 1 Legged V-ups Equipment Needed: Keep track of your time using a watch or a Timer. (We frequently use […]

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