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15 Minute Ladder Workout – Stay Fit Mom


Today is my first official day back to work, which means the end of summer vacation for me! I’m super excited to be at a new elementary school this year and get to know some new little faces. I got an early start yesterday cleaning out and organizing my new PE room, which was fun. I’m one of those weirdos who loves throwing old stuff away and reorganizing. By the end of the day I was drenched in sweat, dirt, cricket guts, and feeling pretty good about next week when the little ones show up. Going back to work means getting back into a routine. In a nutshell a usual day for me will consist of waking up at 6:15a.m., getting my kids to day care, going to work, picking the kids up, running errands, dinner, bath time, Crossfit, blogging and macro coaching, reading 1-2 pages of a book, and falling asleep by 9:00p.m.. I have a what seems like very short window between work and bed time to squeeze a lot in, so the gym doesn’t always happen. On days I can’t make it to the gym because of unforeseeable circumstances I do my best to squeeze in a […]

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