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31 Day At Home CrossFit Workout Plan – Stay Fit Mom


If you’re anything like me, November and December are packed full of indulgence and by the time January rolls around you’re ready for a complete detox. It’s time to reel in that crazy diet and start planning for a fresh start. If you’re ready to get your nutrition under control and you’re looking for information about the latest trend in CrossFit: Macronutrient Counting, we can help! Whether you want to lose that stubborn baby weight, feel confident in your skin, gain strength, or tone up for the summer, MACRO counting has yielded huge results for us ! ***Click here to purchase your 1 time macronutrient prescription($40) You can also join our free Macro Nutrition Facebook group here where we are happy to help with any questions, give meal ideas, support, and much more! Working out has always helped my mental as well as physical health, but when I started CrossFitting, my body changed like never before. I was gaining muscle, burning fat, and getting in better shape in less time! If you’re new to CrossFit or that “CrossFit” buzzword has peaked your curiosity, we’ve created a 31 Day At Home CrossFit Workout Plan for you! Each of these workouts can be done with VERY […]

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