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50 Ways To Increase Your Physical Activity – How To Get More Active!! | Tone and Tighten


Weekly highlights, new giveaways, and BONUS workouts!Subscribe to our email list by using the box at the top of this page.Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? Like no matter how much you try to schedule some time to work out somehow it always gets taken up with other things? Happens to me constantly! One solution that I have found to this problem is to look for other ways to work physical activity into your everyday life on those days when you just can’t make it to the gym. Rather than trying to workout 60 minutes in a day, find 10 ways throughout the day to be active for six minutes! Sure I understand that this may not be as good as 60 consecutive minutes of working out, but I can guarantee you it’s a lot better than doing absolutely nothing! For today’s post I’ve compiled a list of my top 50 ways to integrate more physical activity into daily life. Try them out! Get up and get active!Some of these you may have heard before; some you may even do on a regular basis. The important thing is quantity and consistency!! Have fun!1. Go for a walk on your lunch break2. Go for a bike ride3. Park further away from the store so you have to walk more4. Take the stairs5. Go jogging6. Play with your kids at the park7. Do a 10 minute workout during your favorite sitcom8. Walk the dog, don’t just watch the dog walk9. Do seated crunches at every red light10. Kick a soccer ball with the kids after dinner11. Stand up and do 10 squats every hour while at work12. Walk the stairs on your lunch hour13. Do 50 jumping jacks14. Do a workout video (here are a few of my favorites)15. Go bowling16. Go up and down the stairs at every commercial break17. Do 20 push-ups18. Go rollerblading/skating19. Go swimming20. Go on a hike21. Do some yardwork22. Go to the beach23. Do 10 calf raises on every curb/sidewalk you have to step onto/over24. Use a different bathroom in your building (bonus if it’s on another floor)25. Yoga26. Play with your kids at the playground27. Mow the lawn28. Clean your house29. Wash your car by hand30. Dance!31. Jump on a trampoline32. Go golfing33. Shoot some hoops (basketball)34. Go ice skating35. Play actively with your pet36. Home repair (I just fixed my leaky tub!)37. Plant a garden38. Start a morning walk group39. Get off the bus/train one stop early and walk to your destination40. Play tennis41. Walk around while on a phone call42. Go to the farmer’s market (more walking than grocery store)43. Go shopping (hope my wife doesn’t see this one!)44. Schedule fitness time and put it on your calendar45. Family picnic and take a soccer ball, football, frisbee, etc46. Stand up/pace during phone calls47. Play tag48. Replace coffee break with 10-minute walk49. Squat, don’t bend, when cleaning up50. Most importantly: HAVE FUN!Stop making excuses and start being more active!What’s your favorite way to be active? Leave a comment below!Looking for more great health and wellness advice? Here are some of my favorite posts:5 Essential Exercises for a Lifetime of Healthy ActivityHow To Start Working OutIf I Workout With Weights Will I Get Big And Bulky?As always I love to hear from our readers. Leave me a comment below or email me at ToneandTightenFitness@gmail.comMake it happen,JaredBy Jared BeckstrandTo view the rest of this post, be sure to head over to Have a great day! Jared

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