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7 Day At Home Full Body Workout Plan – Stay Fit Mom


We’ve put together an at home full body workout plan full of workouts that have been very successful for us! These workouts you can do with little to no equipment. See the list below for equipment needs and details. You can do this at home with your kiddos watching! Make the summer of 2015 the summer you decide to take action! No excuses… just results. Summer in Las Vegas for my family means we’re either inside our air-conditioned home or in our swim suits in the pool. Swim suit season used to give me major anxiety. I’d do my best to find the bathing suit that would cover up as much as possible and shopping for one that would fit me (the way I wanted) would usually end in frustration! Two years ago, I started CrossFit training and I’ve never felt more confident in my body. I’ve lost over 40 pounds and the results I’ve found through functional fitness training is really unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. You can read more about that in the 5 Steps to the Best Shape of Your Life Series. These workouts are hard. I will not sugar coat that, but this 7 Day At Home Full Body Workout […]

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