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At Home CrossFit Workout: Jump Rope, Squats, and Step Ups – Stay Fit Mom


Just about 33 weeks pregnant and my body is still allowing me to do CrossFit with a few modifications. I am feeling great as I head into this final stretch of pregnancy, and I know that is largely because of my consistency in the gym and in the kitchen. I haven’t been perfect by any means, but the healthy habits formed prior to this pregnancy have helped immensely. Last week my hubby and I went on a “Babymoon” (without our kids) trip with friends to Zion. We had a blast eating out, sleeping in, and completing one of the most (if not THE most) strenuous hikes in Zion, Observation Point. 6,508 feet of elevation with intense switchbacks to get there. It was definitely not easy, but we made it. There are few sites as beautiful as what we see while at Zion. God’s beauty radiates throughout the entire park. How wondrous and great are His works. It’s safe to say we first fell in love with camp life at Zion. If you haven’t been and are able. Just go. Stop everything and go right now. What a privilege it has been to remain as active as I have throughout this […]

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