Baie Vasco election results 2024


  1. Elections Paes Vasco | Andoni Ortuzar: “The PNV ha ganado las elecciones”

    PNV Commander, Andoni OrtuzarBegin your intervention with a round-the-clock message: “PNV won the elections. It is the first political force in Pais Vasco en Votos y hemos igualado en escanos.” Ortuzar agrees with “the trust deposited, especially the response given for the city.” “No vamos a fallar, vamos a darlo todo, para fortalecer una convivencia,” certainly.” We appreciate the results we have obtained and are considering contacting the political force (…) We have the ability to manage our experience, stability, credibility and trust in Euskadi.”

  2. Elections Paes Vasco | PNV fighters look to defeat Emanuel Lehandakary in Pradales

    Following their upcoming formation in Bilbao, PNV fighters expect the party leadership to meet in order to follow up on the results of the presidential elections, and they hope to compare the candidates to the race as follows: “Ari, ari, ari, pradales lindakari”.

    All the PNV delegates, together with Lindacaritza aspirant, Imanol Pradales, and Goberno Vasco president, Iñigo Orcolo, gather in the seat of Sabine Etxea during the counting of electoral college votes in those they elect. EH Bildu is kept in scanning. It is not certain that the Pradales formation collects more votes.

  3. Elections Paes Vasco | Montero, Cerdan y Bolaños o Estan en Ferraz

    First Vice President, Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Secretary General of the Socialist Workers Party, Maria Jesus Montero, Secretary of the organization, Santos Cerdandouble and triple numbers of PSOE, were found at the National Party on Ferraz Street to follow the electoral elections in Euskadi.

    Also present, alongside the Socialist Workers' Party, is Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Court, Felix BolañosPortavoz de la ExecutiveEsther Peña Assistant Secretary of the organization, Juan Francisco Serrano, the socialists have confirmed their existence. President Del Goberno and Secretary General of the Socialist Workers Party, Pedro Sanchez, On the contrary, Moncloa is found and scrutiny follows from everywhere.

  4. Elections Paes Vasco | The party and PP deputy secretaries are in the National PP

    General Secretariat Dale PP, Coca GamarraAs long as all the deputy secretaries in the formation are present in the National Party of the People's Party in Madrid to continue the new elections in Vasca in Ste Domingo, they were then sent through the party. If you are looking to get to the Genova Street side of the PP head, alberto nunez fijo, This session is chaired by the Steering Committee meeting to analyze the shape of the results.

  5. Elections Paes Vasco | pedro c. Ramirez: Vascular elections “interrupt a series of electoral elections for the People's Party”

  6. Elections Paes Vasco | Pedro J. confirms: Ramirez said that the national parties “go back less than three years after their election.”

    Director and CEO of EL ESPAÑOL, pedro c. Ramirez, indicates that there are three types of sounds in Vasco's country. “En el País Vasco brings together three people. One is from PNV, the other is EH Bildu The third contains Vox boots, PP boots, some civilian boots, a PSOE body, a Podemos, a Sumar…”, explained in a special program Motive 21-A.

    “All parties that perform elsewhere in Spain are coming back Less than three years after Vasco's election. This means that Pais Vasco, nominally, has the jurisdiction of being part of the Kingdom of Spain, but in reality it has created a microclimate, a special regime in that you have a very short time to see it,” in addition to that.

  7. Elections Paes Vasco | What are the people in the country in Provincia?

    Comedy in Parliament has its own peculiarity. One such country is that the country of Vasco is the only autonomous community that has no population at the time of the television rebroadcast. Overall, straw 75 housing, 25 per district. However, there are significant differences in the number of voters in the provinces: Vizcaya has 945,874 voters, Guipuzcoa 587,709, and Alva 261,623. For this reason, the voter in Lava has more pesos than in the rest of the provinces.

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