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Because Mama, YOU are a Bad Ass. – Stay Fit Mom


Ever feel like everyday is Groundhog’s day? Last week, as I scrolled through my social media feed I noticed myself gradually getting more unhappy by the minute. There was that family at Disneyland… AGAIN. Next up, a couple vacationing in Rome. And then, just as I put my kid in time out for the third time, I saw that somebody else was buying a brand new house that’s double the size of mine. There’s NOTHING wrong with making social media your highlight reel. I do it too, but let’s all take a minute to recognize that’s exactly what it is. The moment we start comparing our everyday mundane life next to the honeymooners in Hawaii, we’ve lost. Ready for a paradigm shift? We believe your daily grind is exactly what makes you a badass. Wiping your kids’ bum might not make your social media highlight reel, but it DOES make you invaluable to the people on the planet that mean the most to you. And those selfless acts on repeat, that the world may categorize as boring and mundane, are what sets you apart, sister! Hard is GOOD. Boring is steadfast. Doing what you SHOULD do instead of falling into […]

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