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Best workout for you and a friend! Exercise partner workout on Tone and Tighten


Are you on Instagram? Tone and Tighten is! Follow here for more great fitness ideas! Grab a buddy and head to the gym!! There are numerous benefits from working out with an exercise partner. From someone who keeps you on time to someone to always have for a spot when you need it, taking a buddy to the gym is an excellent way to maximize your productivity. Also, there are a number of exercises that can be taken to another level if you have a partner. It’s with you in mind, dynamic duo, that I have put together this workout. Introducing the “Exercise Partner Workout” – blank of my favorite partner exercises that you and your buddy can do to shred together during your next workout session. Have fun, you two! Presented below are 8 exercises in 4 circuits. Each circuit should take about 15 minutes to perform. This allows you to choose which exercises you would like to do for how long you would like to workout. 15 minutes? 30? 45? 60? The important thing is that you do it! _________________________________________________________________________________ Circuit 1 – alternate 1a, 1b, 1a, 1b, etc until 3 sets of each exercise have been performed. 1a. Overhead Pass with Squat (Over Unders): Stand back to back with one person holding a medicine ball. Simultaneously lower into a squat position (knees to 90 degrees). Person 1 rolls the ball between their legs to Person 2. Person 2 picks the ball up and both return to starting position. Person 2 now raises the ball overhead and passes the ball overhead to Person 1. That’s one rep. Perform 10 times and then switch roles (if you rolled the first time now you’re the one passing overhead). Note: I prefer rolling the ball as opposed to passing it (pictured). You can maintain your spine in a better, more erect position when rolling the ball versus reaching to pass it. 1b. Back-to-back ball passes: While we’ve got the medicine ball out, we’ll work some core rotation. Stand back-to-back, Person 1 holding a medicine ball. Person 1 rotates right and passes the ball to Person 2 (who has rotated left). Person 2 takes the ball and rotates all the way to the right and passes the ball back to Person 1 (who has rotated left). That’s one. Perform 10 reps and then switch directions. _________________________________________________________________________________ Circuit 2 – alternate 2a, 2b, 2a, 2b, etc until 3 sets of each exercise have been performed 2a. Alternating Medicine Ball Lunges: Stand facing each other about 5 feet apart. Person 1 has a medicine ball. Person 1 lunges forward with the right foot while Person 2 simultaneously lunges forward with the right foot. Person 1 passes the ball to Person 2 while down in the lunge and then return to the starting position. Repeat the lunge on the right leg again with Person 2 passing the ball back to Person 1. That’s one rep. Repeat 10 times on the right leg and then switch for 10 on the left leg. 2b. Partner Side Swing Pass: Stand side-by-side, about five feet apart; Person 1 holding a medicine ball. Keeping the arms straight and the core tight, Person 1 swings the ball from the outside of the body to the inside and tosses the ball to Person 2. Person 2 lets momentum take the ball to the outside of their body and then tosses the ball back to Person 1. Perform 10 reps throwing from left-to-right and then turn around for 10 reps from right-to-left. _________________________________________________________________________________ Circuit 3 – alternate 3a, 3b, 3a, 3b, etc until 3 sets of each exercise have been performed 3a. Alternating Box Jumps: Stand facing each other with a box between you. Person 1 performs a squat jump (down into a squat and then explode up onto the box) and then returns to the starting position. Person 2 now performs a squat jump onto the box. If you time if just right Person 1 is jumping on and off the box while Person 2 is squatting and then Person 1 performs the squat while Person 2 is jumping on/off the box (basically there should always be one person on the box and one person on the ground). 20 reps. 3b. High-Five Up Down: Start head-to-head in a plank position on your hands, about one foot (30 cm) apart. Simultaneously lower onto your left forearm and then the right then back up to your left hand then right hand (your partner will do the reverse). Give each other a high five (your right hand to their left hand) and then reverse the series of moves, starting with your right forearm hitting the mat, and finishing with a high-five with the other hand. Perform 10 reps. _________________________________________________________________________________ Circuit 4 – alternate 4a, 4b, 4a, 4b, etc until 3 sets of each exercise have been performed 4a. Partner Leg Raises: Person 1 lays down on the floor on your back with his/her head close to the feet of Person 2 (who is standing over him/her). Person 1 grabs the ankles of Person 2 and contracts their abs to bring his/her feet up towards Person 2’s shoulders. Person 2 “catches” Person 1’s feet and then forcefully pushes them forward towards the floor. Person 1 has to catch his/her feet before they hit the ground. That’s 1 rep. Perform 10-15 and then switch positions. 4b. Push-Up High Five: Get down into a push up position (either full on toes or modified on knees) facing each other with about a foot (30 cm) between you. Do a push up. When you return to the starting position give each other a high five with your right hands. Do another push up and give each other another high five, this time with the left hands. Perform 10 push-ups. Very well done, you two! Treat each other to a post-workout smoothie! Pin this workout now! Looking for more great workout ideas? Check out our awesome workout index for all the workouts posted here on Tone and Tighten. Questions or comments about the partner workout? Leave a comment below or email me at ToneandTigthenFitness{at} Make it happen, Jared By Jared Beckstrand

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