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Can I do macros if… I have high blood pressure? Hypothyroidism? Type 2 Diabetes? I don’t work out? I’m menopausal? I’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past? I’m gluten free? I’m a cancer survivor? I have PCOS? I’m nursing? I travel a lot? I’m an overwhelmed single mom? My doctor says I’m obese? The answer to every one of these questions is a resounding “YES!” There are NO prerequisites to our nutrition program. In fact, it’s an opportunity to turn your life around and the sooner you jump on board, the sooner you’ll experience the benefits! Why? Because eating a healthy macro-balanced diet tailored to your individual lifestyle is the very best thing you can do for your body. Carbs, Fats, Protein, your body needs them ALL in the right QUANTITY to thrive. At Stay Fit Mom, our community consists of REAL women that have come to us with unique backgrounds and a variety of health issues including but not limited to the list above. Health and wellness is extremely personal. Krista and I knew that we wanted to help people when we started Stay Fit Mom, but what we didn’t realize was how many relationships we would build […]

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