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Chipper Workout; Fit Pregnancy – Stay Fit Mom


A fit Pregnancy looks different for everybody. Some women have self-control. They have these teeny cute baby bumps, and gain 12 pounds their entire pregnancy, and some women are so hungry they will eat anything and everything they can get their hands on. They deliver a 5 pound baby, wonder where the other 40 pounds of baby weight came from, and then quickly remember all the donuts they couldn’t say no to. Consider me in the latter group. Just a minute, let me go pour myself another bowl of cereal. Okay, back to this fit pregnancy business. Despite eating ridiculous amounts of waffles, CrossFit has been something that I’ve been able to consistently do during this pregnancy. It was a welcome relief to morning sickness, an energy booster, and continues to be my outlet for “me” time. This week we’ve got another great workout that anybody can do (pregnant or not). If you are expecting be sure to check out the modification section below! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, we could earn a small commission. This would be at no additional cost to you.​​​​​​​ Weekly Workout: 60 Squats 50 Mountain Climbers 40 Step ups or box jumps 30 […]

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