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Client Spotlight Kathleen Haas – Stay Fit Mom


Stay Fit Mom is home to so many inspiring women that we’ve come to know and love, but we’ve only been able to meet a handful of them in person. Last summer, Kathleen attended our More Than Macros Retreat and we instantly became friends. It is with great joy I get to introduce you to a woman I’ve coached for a year. Her transformation has been incredible, but her positivity throughout is what continues to inspire me week after week! SFM: When did your weight loss journey begin? Kathleen: Like many others, my journey began throughout most of my adult life. The older I became, the more challenging it was to lose weight. Once I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it was taking an extremely long time to see any results. In the fall of 2018, my endocrinologist had a heart to heart with me, as my weight skyrocketed, gaining over 20 lbs in that year. I stumbled across Stay Fit Mom by happenstance when I decided to give macros a try. A client posted on the social media thread and I checked it out. I convinced myself that I would not be accepted in the program because of my history. […]

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