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CODUE False criticism of political principles


President Dale Council for Evangelical Unity (CODUE) It has been considered morally wrong in the fact that a candidate who is nominated by a political party to select a load of popular elections, and also be elected by an organization abandons the same in order to enter into another political sphere.

Pastor Feliciano Lasin is a qualified guard. He also worries a lot about the error of the principles of many political directives because today is in one party, and the next is in the other, which gives the credibility of the party militia, because people do not believe that in the United Nations the moment to criticize and insult an organization has been determined, The matter is transmitted to some of the children who criticize them.

The religious leader agreed that it was impossible for it to arise in the hadith that, at a specific moment, he had a directive that would keep a party and a spiritual day.

Hector Herrera Cabral was attracted in the D´AGENDA program financed by Telesistema canal 11 and TV Quisqueya to the United States countries, in particular because these politicians are looking for personal benefits, always working to survive. Powder.

They recorded that on this day “they are now in power, but they are able to oppose, and the Dominican Republic does not see a single political party as having absolute power over everything, because it destroys the democratic balance.”

“We are a political group that does not give up its principles and values, because it had a political ideology, and now it is engaged in what is best for it, as it has a syndrome of defeat, or other victories, that greatly preoccupies its mind because of people’s feelings. HQ There is no commitment to its principles, “Hoy Stuy is in one party, Manana is in the other. This is what has so much credibility, and he is in the ranks of his militants,” blamed President del Codo.

He points out that “I do not think in these politicians that they feel the distortion of a political group and go to this same family and, therefore, do not know what they are discussing in these moments, as long as it is now as before the criticisms, certainly, if you are looking for personal benefits because you want To continue to work with strength.

“We're seeing people who have held a position in a political party, and they've stayed in that position, if they're from that party, and they don't see that they're thinking about this situation, but they think it's not traditional, if they use that 'in one part that has to start the process, and it follows this Participate in order to get this position,” Pastor Lassen insisted.

Feliciano Lasem, President of Del Codo.
Feliciano Lassen, President of Del Codo. Fuente's exterior photo

The kudo chief criticized the opposition that makes them all lose, because they show that they have one group, but they have the opportunity to advance and motivate their fighters, and they know how to do it because for all power is still the political strategy.

“Through the process of transfer, through the migration that consists of one part to another, today you have a chance because it spends weeks in the elections, but you have to do a big and systematic work to be able to conquer the voter, and also, “You have a reliable program, because all the Dominican politicians “It is a poem, a cliché, they talk about everything the same way, and they have no credibility regarding what it is now,” he denounced.

You prefer to maintain deportation of documented immigrants out of respect for your dignity

CODO President Feliciano Lasin Custodio has not received any approval for a petition submitted by various organizations, among the headquarters of Santo Domingo, in order for the Dominican Governor to stop the deportations of documented Haitians as the situation of violence continues to affect the nation.

Religion says that deportations must continue while a large number of undocumented migrants enter France's borders, but the same includes working to stabilize the Republic's constitution and constitution, and respect human dignity. Dignitaries.

“Obviously the case that you're doing is part of this, and you're doing it with dignity, and you've got to pass it on because it's documented, but it's doing it with dignity and humanity, without prohibition, because they have to be respected, and sometimes, they get the chance to pass in a way.” As annoying as the look, this creates a conflict, accusing the Dominican Republic of being bad, because it is not real,” emphasized Lassen Custodio.

I agree that the violence in Haiti is concentrated only in Puerto Principe, thanks to the international community present in the region in the country to deploy people who can launch white attacks on criminal gangs in the capital of Haiti, so we must international force can restore public order.

This is certainly the condition for maintaining secure borders and not allowing unwanted migration because the Dominican Republic cannot bear the Haiti crisis, because today it faces various problems that for decades have not been possible to solve.

“We would like to create a channel to help Haiti, but in our country, because we affirm that the Dominican Republic does not have a solution to this Haitian problem, because our money flows to the Dominicans, where we owe the return of migrants for more than 40 years, if we do not burden the entire nation with the problem, and therefore, It seems like a failed state, like them, and what Haitians should aspire to is that the Haitians design such a great state for us,” the sentence said by President Kodo.

Feliciano Lassen insisted that repatriations must continue, as he urged everyone to reform the borders in order to penetrate the territory of documented Haitians.

Response to the priesthood that criticizes the Evangelists for not admiring the Virgin Mary

In the Sermon of the Seven, Francisco José Guerrero criticized that evangelical Christians had come to the Virgin Maria in their home, when they were revising the history and basic content of Christianity and turning the soul to the truth of Pueblo de Dios.

In particular, the president of the Dominican Union of Evangelical Unity, Feliciano Lassin, questioned the guard's response to the Catholic Church, where evangelicals only value the special dimension of the Mother of Jesus, but do not worship the penitent of his successors. La boda de canan.

“Mira, in fact, the work and the message that Maria played are indispensable in history, because she means a mother, and since she is offered, and for the sake of this gift that Maria is directly qualified to God in order to liberate the light of the world, we as Cristiano do not deal with this adoration , Without ban, our respect for the paper, and we hope to enjoy the life of Jesus, but as evangelicals we love at the wedding of Canaan.”

He explained that “all the people who know that this marriage has been arranged by Maria, all those who work on this feast are her friends, and when they decide that the wine is finished, it returns to its owner, and he leaves it saying” a sus trabajadores, hagan todo lo que And the whole world.”

“From this delegation, the evangelical community learns that the direct mediator is Jesus, who did not lose Maria’s job, and declares that in the 21st century there are many more women and men who travel and work like Maria,” the evangelical leader declared.

Insist on it. The degree of grace and favor that elegance provides means that she is a wise, moral woman, with many of the values ​​and principles that this type of class has, however, there is no need to ignore this figure.

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“It is evident that the Evangelical Church does not contain any kind of adoration which does not include the Father, the Hugo, and the Holy Spirit, and they recognize and respect that form which can be used in this principle, and the schools and ladies still have its importance, Sin embargo, siempre hay que resaltar esa prudencia que tuvo María, y la gracia que encontró,” he repeated.

He recorded that when Jesus turns water into wine, he responds that his time has not yet come, but insists, it was time for the employees to do what they needed to do, and when that was produced, Jesus began Arrange what you should do, and then do it.

He reiterated that without restoring importance to Maria's paper, Jesus was the mediator before God who delegated power and glory to his country.

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