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Eating Out and Macro Counting – Stay Fit Mom


Cooking everyday is sort of the pits. This is when I start to look back on my own childhood and think that my mom was a freakin hero. She cooked, she cleaned, she did our laundry, she drug us around to every sporting event and after-school activity, she was a single mom, AND we complained about everything all the time. This mom life business sure isn’t easy, and I know I have it a whole lot easier than my mom did! So when our clients ask us about eating out and macros, We. Get. It. Need help calculating your Macronutrient Prescription? The thing is, as much as cooking day in and day out sucks, eating out day in and day out, just isn’t good for your body (not to mention your bank account). I’m not saying that macro counters should never eat out. My husband and I go out to dinner for date night and enjoy ourselves on occasion. What I am saying is that eating out makes macro counting a whole lot more difficult. Even if I plan out my entire day in advance and make “healthy” restaurant choices and menu options where nutritional information is provided (that fit my macros), I still leave a lot up to chance […]

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