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Enduring with Macros – Stay Fit Mom


One of the hardest things for us to overcome when it comes to weight loss, is time. No matter your circumstance, it’s HARD to be patient. One of the first things we tell our new macro nutrition clients is that their progress is not just measured by the scale and it will most likely not move as quickly as they want it to. Not only can the process sometimes feel long, but it also comes with it’s trial and setbacks. One of our macro ninjas, Anna, is the perfect example of enduring to the end and trusting the process, despite what the scale says, or what happens in her life each and every week. Anna recently hit her 1 year macro anniversary with us and we couldn’t be more proud of her! The weeks and months may sometimes seem long, but all that progress and hard work sure adds up quickly. Over this past year Anna has had her ups and downs just like the rest of us. Weddings, holidays, birthday parties, Disneyland, the loss of her precious dog, a car accident, and traveling back and forth to see her grandfather who isn’t doing well. Anna is such a […]

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