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Feel Better Now Series – Best home exercises for rotator cuff tendonitis PART 2 | Tone and Tighten


Click here to be taken to Part One of this two-part series So what do we do about it? Fortunately there is A LOT that conservative care (i.e. physical therapy) can do to help your shoulder pain. Duration of your symptoms is important – I would treat shoulder pain that you’ve been experiencing for two weeks or less differently then I would if you’ve been experiencing it for a lot longer. Less than two weeks: It’s likely that you’ve still got a pretty good inflammatory response going on that will respond well to anti-inflammatory measures. This includes rest (take a little break from upper-body work), ice (20 minutes 3-4 times daily), and some sort of anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen is my go-to; always take it according to the recommendations on the label). Some gentle stretching would also be indicated in your case; see numbers 1-3 on the printable exercise program below. As soon as the acute pain dies down, it’s going to be important to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles so that this problem never comes back. Exercises 4-7 are my go-to’s below for some great rotator cuff strengthening. More than two weeks: This one’s going to be a little more difficult to heal. Your inflammation has been going on so long that we’re dealing a little more with some actual changes to your tissue’s makeup and there’s probably some scar tissue that has set in as your body has been trying to heal this area. Not to fear; it just makes the process a little longer and a little more TLC is required on your part… but it’s not impossible! In addition to those things mentioned above, we’re going to start with some of the resisted exercises listed below. The muscle/tendon is going to heal with appropriate stress and increased blood flow which comes from activation of these areas. We’re going to do some GENTLE strengthening as indicated in exercises 4-7 below. It’s very important that these resisted exercises are pain-free, otherwise you could just be doing more damage than good. I refer to these four exercises as my “4-way shoulder” exercises and they’re money for shoulder / cuff strengthening. Most of my patients will report significant relief from these within the first week after we start doing them. I personally have found them so helpful that #5 and #7 (or #8) are my warm-up exercises for every day that I work my upper body. Here it is! See below for your FREE downloadable exercise program to guide you through appropriate stretching and rotator cuff strengthening to help you “Feel Better Now” (as always, I generated this exercise sheet using the website These guys totally rock and are the leader in home exercise program software for physical therapists): You don’t have to live with shoulder pain. With the appropriate exercises you can create enough space in your shoulder and generate enough strength in your rotator cuff for your body to heal stronger and with less pain. What else hurts? 🙂 Check out more of our “Feel Better Now” series and share them with family and friends Low Back Pain Knee Pain Diastasis Recti Plantar Fasciitis Do you have any questions about the “Feel Better Now” series or I love to hear from my readers! Comment below or email me at Make it happen, Jared Disclaimer: The information presented in the “Feel Better Now” series is designed to be used for informational purposes only. The diagnoses and treatment plans outlined are extremely generalized and may or may not be the recommended interventions for your specific problem. If you are experiencing pain, you are encouraged to consult a healthcare provider to determine the best treatment plan that will be in your individual best interest. Tone and Tighten claims exemption from accident, injury, or perpetuation of any injury incurred while performing exercises found on this website. The user assumes all risk… and reward!! By Jared Beckstrand

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