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Heavy rains generate various cascades across the country


Las Intense lluvias QC Han registered In the final hours of Ecuador, this was an occasion Ceres From different locations, you will be informed ECU 911 Through your social relationship.

One of the poignant points is no Via Laoag – Santo Domingo, The mass of decomposed rocks and land is then reported. This important bridge must also be important Collapse of the point over the Leila River ON L Kilometer 82 Oh no Head of stones and earth ON L kilometer 83.

not like that:

Debido a esto, la Via permanecerá cerrada Through this work limpieza At a distance of 72 kilometers, it caused disturbances during the movement, around all the people who traveled to participate in the trip Popular consultation and referendum. In addition, users in social networks reported significant vehicle congestion due to this success.

La Prefectura de Pichincha informed that it was obligated to do so Fuertes Lovia se Rio culebrata removal, It is located in the north of the province. This affects the last El Achiote, who gets to know the wealthy. Currently, cleaning work is being carried out to rehabilitate vehicle movement in the sector.

There are other ways that affect this Coca – Joya de los Sachas, I couldn't do that Temporary variable ON L Kilometer 15after sector D Guayosadue to missing part of the road Coca River erosion.

In addition, partial parts have been recorded on other methods e.g Cuenca – MolitoroWhat Sufrio Worship a Cause de las lluvias. The road is closed in Los Kilometers 89 and 69 It is owed to the material series of mountains.

across the road Cuenca – Giron – Pasajeabout Dell tunnel De no Represa San Francisco, stones have also been produced through condensation-generated chipping. The Department of Transportation has advised that this vial is partially qualified and they have planned the full road clearing and rock fragmentation for this week. However, ask conductors to circulate with caution in the sector.

On no Via Chelan – Bucay, In the province of Guayas, it is located near Reach kilometer 39 You must remove the ground. Moreover, if you report it smashing rivers Chimbo y Limón, As the Bomberos and the Ecuador Transportation Commission meet at the emergency parking lot.

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