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Home Cooked Meals in 2019 – Stay Fit Mom


This year we’re encouraging our followers to make a New Year’s Resolution they won’t regret. Nope, it’s not a 30 day elimination diet or a brand new workout regimen. It doesn’t involve signing up for a 1/2 marathon or eating 4 servings of vegetables everyday. Instead, Stay Fit Mom is taking advice from our grandmothers’ handbook. Less eating out and more healthy home cooked meals around the dinner table! It sounds so simple, and yet we believe it’s the biggest game changer in terms of results, and we’re not just talking about a tinier waistline, although with the Stay Fit Mom Favorite Recipe’s Cook Book, you’ll likely yield that as well! Here are a few of the many benefits of eating together as a family as researched by 1. Lower rates of obesity 2. Lower risks of depression 3. Lower risks of teen pregnancy and substance abuse 4. Higher self esteem 5. Better academic performance One excerpt from The Washington Post titled, “The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Kids? Eat Dinner With Them,” says… “Children who eat regular family dinners also consume more fruits, vegetables, vitamins and micronutrients, as well as fewer fried foods and soft drinks. […]

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