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How I’m Focusing on Performance & Recovery in 2019 – Stay Fit Mom


This post is sponsored by I’m heading into 2019 with bright and shiny new goals! This is going to be my year! Not because I’ll be smashing it at Crossfit and getting big PR’s, but because I’ll be feeling rested and recovered. My most important goal this year is taking good care of myself, which for me means I’m prioritizing my recovery! The buzzword these days seems to be self care, and for me, this will be the ultimate self care! The first, and most important area of focus this year, will be my sleep. I’ll be aiming for 8-9 hours a night, which means early to bed for me. To help me maximize my sleep I’ll be using my new Under Armour Athlete Recovery SleepwearTM! If Tom Brady says he wakes up happy after sporting this sleepwear, I’m on board! So far he’s right! What makes these Under Armour PJ’s magic besides the super soft knit fabric? Well, the celliant within the fabric increases localized circulation, which is what leads to that faster recovery I’m looking for! Get yourself a pair here! And while you’re there shopping around, grab my favorite new sport bra, Underarmour Seamless Longline Bra. I used to […]

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