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Juan Elordi survived the road to Delfin before Belgrano


Argentine Defense JOne Manuel Elordi Comment on these guys on April 11, about the final match, the goal they shot Dolphin de Manta Defeated by the score 1-1 Belgrano Argentina, which maintains the Ecuadorian Federation as leader of Group C de la Cuba Sudamericana.

Mintras Franco Jara Anotto Para BelgranIn the 42nd minute, Elordi, through a large and difficult-to-move path when the ball escapes on the last line, scored Embati, in the 91st minute.

Fruto del Impati, L Dolphin accumulated 4 pointsWhile dos unidades se quedaron deceive you Belgrano and Brazilian InternacionalAnd with one, the Boliviano The real Tomayabo.

The match resulted in heated controversy, especially in the second time, with the equatorial square erupting to avoid the strike, which eventually led to his proposal being accepted.

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Every time you meet Argentines Elordi and Enzo Gaggi Through the lost coast of Cetáceo, create a thin line above the arch Nahuel Losadawhich Gaggi made happen live.

El Central Delfinista, Argentinian Ignacio GariglioNot logged in with rework via hp framework, enjoy Jose Coiro It is also in front of the Argentine Arch, but you cannot ride a balloon ball and escape from one Third occasion de Gaulle into local languages.

In Belgrano's attack, Jara received the ball Juan Barinaga In the area and media, repost the cost to drill the arc Brian Heras.

In the second season, Belgrano continued to defend himself, based on the defender's command and the accuracy of the attack essporádicos attacks.

La desperación por alcanzar el Unload obstacles in Dolphinresulting in a loss of clarity in your game which makes it easier to make a visit.

The port is placed elsewhere Brian Reyna And the distinct possibility of going to Belgrano before that Elordi final login.

The next day, 25 April, they welcome Delfin in the third match at Internacional de Brasil, while Belgrano visited Bolivian Real Tomayapo a day earlier.

Technical information:

1. Dolphin: Brian Heras; José Quiro (m. 55, Alan Mariano Mino), Nicolas Goitia, Ignacio Gariglio, Juan Elordi; Cristian Garcia, Luis Castro (d. 77, Giordano Zambrano), Mikel Reyes, Enzo Gaggi (d. 77, Michael Meles); José Angulo and Horacio Teganovich (m. 64, Justin Allman). Coach: Guillermo Duro.

1. Belgrano: Nahuel Losada; Juan Barrinaga (m.74, Jerónimo Heredia), Matías Moreno, Mariano Troilo, Nicolas Meriano; Ariel Rojas (d. 46, Esteban Rolón), Santiago Luongo, Francisco González Metelli (d. 84, Matias Pallavicino), Brian Reyna; Matías Garcia (d. 46, Matías Marin) and Franco Jara (d. 72, Pablo Chavarria).

Coach: Juan Cruz Real.

Jules: 0-1, 42nd minute: Franco Jara. 1-1, m.91: Juan Manuel of Urdu.

Referees: Giancarlo Goliadoza, from Paraguay, Ammonsto M. Garcia, Miriano, Angulo, Rojas, Losada and Luongo.

Incidents: The second part of Group C of the Copa America plays against Al-Shabab at the Gokai Stadium, Manta.

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