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My Decision to Get Breast Augmentation – Stay Fit Mom


I’ve always bared my soul on the blog. I flirt with the crazy line pretty frequently when it comes to sharing because Krista and I have built our business on honesty and vulnerability. I’ve been meaning to write this post for months. I can take pictures of my back fat in a bikini 5 days postpartum without hesitation, but this one’s hard. I kept asking myself why is this so difficult to write about? If another woman were in my shoes, I’d be championing her along, so what am I so afraid of? Judgment. It’s inescapable really. Every post I put up comes with judgment. Who would judge a woman that’s had 3 kids for getting breast augmentation? Well, let’s start with my own mother. “Hey Mom, I’m getting my boobs done. Can you babysit my kids the weekend of the procedure?” “WHAT?!?! You’re my perfect little baby. Why in the world would you ever do that? It’s so dangerous. You could DIE. And why do you want big boobs? I’ve always had big boobs and I hate them.” After I convinced my mother that there was a pretty solid chance I’d escape death, I had her come with me […]

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