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Over 50 and Succeeding with Macros – Stay Fit Mom


I get messages frequently from women that are 50+ wondering if Macros will work for them. Those messages typically look like this, “You look pretty young. I’m in early menopause and the weight just keeps piling on. Have you ever worked with women over 50?” While most of the data and research found on macros is compiled from athletic 30-year-olds, our program has been home to many women over 50! In fact, we have an over 50 tribe in our Ninja group that is thriving. I asked these women to share their personal stories about why this process has worked so well for them and here’s a small sample of their responses. I am 67 and I love this program. It Works!! I had killed my metabolism with low calories, had tried a liquid diet, “watching my weight”, and they just didn’t work for me. Maybe I just didn’t give them a fair chance so it may be on me, but THIS WORKS. I feel so much better and I get to eat. I am limited as to how much I can work out due to a health issue, but this program still works. Of course if you can work […]

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