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Rosa Siyabitova got the transfer


Hot air polls from the “Channel One” show got a silent filling.

Rosa Sibitova had a wonderful vacation through one of the leaders of Fort Boyard. You don't have to worry about excessive fatigue. The “Mediterranean Sea” that delighted Sibitova, emphasizing that it was not unbearable. The service was: What are the benefits of running water, connecting the last switch, after the water is connected with soap and water, right? He is with Siva.

Everything was labeled in a way that had never been examined before and was just poured into water, and this excavation was proven.

A new group of lone officers “Leningrad” Shnerov was shown on the submarine Medrobotnikov providing a basic diagnosis in the wonderful Rosa Sibitov. True, this does not mean that it should be in the commando game.

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