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Sevens Workout – Amazing Quick At-Home Workout


Got social media?? Follow T&T on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! Seven reps of seven exercises for seven rounds. What can I say? It’s a lucky number! How fast can you get through 343 reps of seven of my favorite home exercises? That’s the goal with today’s workout – complete seven rounds of seven reps of each of seven exercises as quickly as you possibly can! No resting on this one – it’s just an all`out blitz for speed! This is a great at-home cardio shred; get a ton of work done in not a lot of time. No longer is “I don’t have the time” a valid excuse! Check it out below: Push-ups 7 reps Squats 7 reps Sit ups 7 reps Burpees 7 reps Lunges 7 reps per leg Russian Twist 7 touches to each side Triceps Dips 7 reps Repeat 7 times! How did you do? Leave your time in a comment below! Looking for more great quick workouts you can do at home? Here are a few of my favorites: Hard Core Pilates Workout Beginner Cardio At-Home Workout 10 Minute EMOM Workout Make it happen, Jared By Jared Beckstrand

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