Since Berlin, there has been hope that it will be former president Jorge Glas


El Gobierno Alemán is trying to contact former director Jorge Glas, part of an online publication, which will be distributed on April 11, for review. SPIEGELLocated in Hamburg.

The reason Sea Glass was looking for Germany was that he must be aware of the national state of this country, and he was directed to the mediator in question, based on information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin. In a 2017 Radiology interview, it was answered EquiVisaThe exvicegobernante señaló que posée el pasaporte alemán gracias abuelo.

“We very much want to research the case of Father Glass and are trying to establish direct contact with the Equatorial authorities,” he said, representing a suitcase for the Secretariat of State.

German international series Deutsche Welle (DW)in a note today, explained that “among the German missions in the exterior is also occupied by the beleaguered German population.”

Jorge Glass's position in La Roca ball

Several days after being detained on a Mexican cargo ship in Quito, Glass was today found isolated on the island of Roca de Guayaquil.

Last on April 8, the second in Mandu by Goberno (2013-2017) was a great success in his safety. Two copies were obtained from the police, such as the National Integrated Care Service for Adult Individuals of Freedom and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI), and the reasons for the information were studied between: drug poisoning and there is no need to search for it.

It was on April 10, thanks to Sonia Vera García, Abogada de Glas, who said that the 54-year-old politician “is in Bethlehem”.


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