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Sleep and Fat Loss – Stay Fit Mom


In addition to nutrition, one of the most impactful things you can do for your fat loss journey is prioritize your sleep. It seems so simple, and yet often instead of focusing on the one thing that’s FREE, available, and necessary for overall health and wellness, we push it aside while prioritizing supplements or an exercise program. Here’s a few facts from WebMD about the importance of sleep that we hope will convince you. Sleep deprivation dulls brain activity in the frontal lobe which is the locus for impulse control. It leads to food cravings and prompts people to eat bigger portions. Sleep resets cortisol levels which heavily impact your metabolism. When your cortisol levels are constantly spiking (stress without ample rest), your hormones signal to your body to conserve energy (aka hold onto fat). Sleep deprivation also effects your body’s ability to process insulin, a hormone used to convert sugar to energy. Experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep DAILY. We know that the words “sleep” and “mother” can feel like oxymorons, especially if you have a child under 2, but today we want to encourage you to think about ways you can increase the amount of sleep you’re getting. […]

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