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Stay Fit Mom Celebrates 2 Years of Macro Coaching – Stay Fit Mom


It’s been two years since our very first coaching group and since then we’ve worked with 1,000 clients! We are humbled and incredibly grateful that so many women {and DAD BOD’s} have allowed us to come along side them on their journey! We had a TOUGH time narrowing this list down, but today we wanted to bring you 24 incredible transformations we’ve seen since we opened for business! These women and men don’t just talk the talk. They live it out! We couldn’t think of a better way to express our gratitude than by offering all of our followers an Anniversary Sale! 15% off ALL products. Yes, that includes you too, NINJAS, THANK YOU for sticking with us for two years! Offer expires 7/31! Head to our Shop to purchase! There’s no denying that this program is successful. Why? Because every macro prescription is based on the individual. No two clients’ macros are the same and that’s because no two people are the same. Every person has their own unique genetic make up, metabolism, training program, and activity level and their unique macro prescriptions and adjustments reflect that. We have high expectations for our clients and we love watching them rise […]

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