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Sumo Thrusters, Inch Worms, and RDL’s – Stay Fit Mom


I may not do a lot of things right as a parent, but I do my best to show my children the importance of exercise. I don’t ever make my kids do any particular exercises, but they have to be outside playing when mom and dad are working out in the garage gym. Most days the boys ride around on their bikes, run around in the front yard, or play around with the workout equipment. Our kids have just learned that when we get home from work and school that most days we are going to exercise. Some days Brett will make up some mini wods and do them along side us. His favorite exercises are burpees, push-ups, handstand holds, and pull-ups on the barbell when it’s on the squat rack. You may not feel like what your doing is making much of an impact, but it is. Just like all things in life, your children will pickup on your fitness habits. Do your best to include them when you can and teach them to have fun with it! Weekly Workout: 5 Rounds for time of: 10 Inch Worm Shoulder Taps 20 Sumo Thrusters 20 Single Leg RDL’s (Romanian Dead Lifts) Inch […]

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