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Supplements Recommended for Macros – Stay Fit Mom


Wouldn’t it be great if there was some magical pill, wrap, or powder that could cure us from cellulite while simultaneously getting rid of all of our unwanted body fat? Of course it would, but chances are if you’re reading this post and have followed us for a while, you know we don’t do fake. We’re all about REAL results, but we also won’t tell you that it’s a walk in the park. Supplements are NOT a shortcut to goals in pill or powder form, they are used to supplement (hence the word) a GOOD nutritional program. If you’re ready to try Macro Counting, we want to help! Stay Fit Mom specializes in Macro Prescriptions tailored to YOUR lifestyle. We base your UNIQUE prescription on current caloric intake, goals, training schedule, emotional relationship with food, and stage of life for maximum RESULTS. ***Click here for a 1 time macronutrient prescription($40) That all being said, the supplements listed below are the ones we most commonly use and recommend. Click on the highlighted link to be directed to Amazon for specific brand recommendations. These are affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, we could earn a small commission. This would be at no additional cost […]

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