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Why I Switched From The Paleo Diet to Macro Counting – Stay Fit Mom


I’ve been dying to write this post for the past 4 weeks but I didn’t want to jump head first into it until I knew exactly what I wanted to say. After all, our most famous recipe is the Homestyle Paleo Meatloaf and one of our most popular posts is My Whole30 Grocery List. We are huge fans of paleo and the Whole30 diet and have learned a tremendous amount about food quality because of them. However, in the Crossfit community, which we clearly love, trends seem to be shifting quickly from the paleo lifestyle to macronutrient counting and we are thrilled about it! That being said, let me now share a few reasons I love macro counting and how the paleo diet still plays a big role in it. What is the paleo diet and what is macro counting? The paleo diet is basically trying to eat as similar to how the cavemen did as possible. If it grows out of the ground or comes from an animal you’re mostly good. You can’t eat any grains, gluten, dairy, or processed foods of any kind. Also, there are no limits on the quantity of foods you consume. Macro counting consists of tracking […]

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