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Why Your Doctor Might Not Be the Best Place to Get Diet Advice – Stay Fit Mom


I am a big picture person. I talk a lot about mindset and concepts that reinforce the big picture. I do this because, in my own mind, I’ve always needed to see the big picture BEFORE taking actionable steps. You will hear lots of health and wellness advocates, {including myself} use terms like “moderation,” “balance,” or “healthy,” but what do these concepts really mean practically in day to day life? I went on my insta-story to conduct some research of my own. I asked my followers to define “healthy” and out of all the responses I received, no two answers were the same. Possibly my favorite response was, “This is a tough question.” Yet when someone who is overweight facing REAL health problems, actively seeks help from a friend or EVEN a doctor, they are bombarded with EITHER abstract concepts that mean different things to different people… “Just eat healthy. Just eat balanced. Just eat in moderation,” OR what might be WORSE, a low calorie/restrictive diet plan that destins them for failure. One client of mine recently visited her medical provider and while there discussed options for weight loss. His recommendation to her was to meet with their weight management […]

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